We stock Halal Diet Suitable, Halal Approved Sweets or Made with Suitable Ingredients for the Halal Diet. We are constantly updating our sweets range with sweets to meet every one's Diet needs-

Halal Sweets are suitable for many people but are especially made with ingredients which meets with the Halal Diet need such as containing No Pork based product/ingredients like Pork Gelatine which is replaced with A Beef Gelatine which is suitable for the Halal Diet.

We strongly recommend that if you require any halal sweets then add a note at checkout time.

*PLEASE NOTE We check all ingredients regularly however as the Manufactures of all sweets can change the way they make the sweets and often do this without any warnings or notice we cannot be held liable if these things change. In which case please make sure you leave a note for us to double check for you.